Asian Program
                                    "The Joy of My Maker Is My Strength"              


Dates:  May 28 - June 3, 2017  
                                         Location:  Dolphin Bay Beach, Thailand  

    "Single Vision" is for those serving single in ministry who desire to:

  • Rest and relax in a leisure environment  
  • Spend some quality time in reflective readings and singing
  • Build skills to enhance service effectiveness and address challenges to vineyard work
  • Talk with a counselor about professional / personal development
  • Meet others who share their passion to serve cross-culturally
  • Have a little fun in life  

The Single Vision Connection

  Single Vision is the first Member Care program designed to precisely address the needs of
  single adults who serve cross-culturally.  The renewal retreat has been in existence for 15
  years with annual programs held in  Europe and  Asia.  Single Vision is formed by  multiple
  service organizations with the focus to  serve the  needs of  single  servants  globally.   All
  have long-term overseas service experience as single adults and speak from personal
  experience of what it means to thrive and maintain balance in a constant changing atmosphere
  abroad as Christian workers.

"Single Vision" is designed to…  
  renew the inner man, physical, emotional, social and ministry skills. To be refreshed as you
  share time together with other singles in an informal setting; to talk over challenges and to
  hear about how God is at work in a variety of countries.


  • Music is a key component of the program as we seek to focus and to spend time in a reflective  
          devotional atmosphere.
  • There will be a two hour seminar daily followed by further discussion in a small group setting.
          Topics focus on enhancing the life of single servants and to sharpen ministry skills. "Single
 Vision" is designed to enhance conversations in a small group format about serving single.  
  • Counseling is available in English, German and Chinese for individuals who would desire to
          speak with a counselor privately.
  • There are a variety of afternoon and evening activities for refreshment.


  Low impact activities are available to offer the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air, exercise,        
  and a few laughs together as a group.  Activities range from sitting on the beach with a book or         
  taking a swim, seeing the elephants and wild life, a visit to the local night street market, enjoying
  a game of volleyball… to an evening of fun watching a film or playing games.    


  • Dolphin Bay Beach is located 3.5 hours drive from the Bangkok International Airport.  Group transport will
    be available to and from the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International airport.
  • Accommodations will be in a Christian ran hostel that is located on the beach with a swimming
    pool.  Dolphin Bay is a small beach town with restaurants and shops within walking distance.   
  • Participants are housed in 2 person occupancy room with a bathroom in the room.  A private room
    can be reserved for a surcharge of 75 USD to the program fee.
  • Two meals a day, breakfast and lunch, will be served at the hostel.  Dinner will be at local restaurants
    and not included in the program fee.
  • A free day is scheduled during the program to provide time for participants to plan outside
    activities. On the free day only breakfast will be served.  Photos of Accommodations


  Early Registration Fee
  375 USD   paid upon arrival to the program site.  (For double occupancy room.)

  Late Registration Fee                 
  After April 1st there is a 25 USD surcharge for late registration.

  Pre-registrations Fee   
60 USD   pre-registration fee paid in advance   (details below how to send payment)
                 Note: the pre-registration fee is in addition to the program fee and nonrefundable.

  Fee covers:   
  A 2 person occupancy room and 2 meals at the hostel (breakfast and lunch) along with fees for
  activities scheduled in the program are covered in the program fee.  What is
not included in the
  program fee is the dinner meal and free day activities.

  Payment Options:      
  Payment can be made in Euros, US Dollars, or Thai Baht.  Bank ATM's are available in the nearby
  city of Hua Hin.  Credit cards or ATM cards can be used at local banks.  Please note that most
  ATM machines have a limit on how much cash can be withdrawn in one transaction.  Payment
  can also be made with US bank checks.

  TRAVEL             {More travel details will be sent following registration}

  Flight information:  
  The nearest airport is the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International airport.  
  The program begins on Sunday, May 28, 2017 with dinner meal at 6:00 PM.  
  The suggested arrival time to the Bangkok International airport is between 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM.
  Group transport has been arranged for the group to travel together to Dolphin Bay and is included
  in the program fee. Group transport will take the group to the International airport on departure.
  The program ends on Saturday, June 3 at 10:00 AM.
  Departing flights should be no earlier than 4:30 PM.  


  Available spaces will be reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis.  
  To reserve a space:               
             1.  Complete  
Registration Form
          2.  Send the pre-registration fee.  

                  The pre-registration fee can be paid by:
                      a)  US dollar check from a US bank in the amount of $60.  
                           Checks are written to Roni Pruitt.
                      b)  Bank checks from an Asian or European bank in the amount equal to
                           60 US Dollars.

                                   If you do not have access to either payment option, please contact
                                   Catherine Butler.
                                   Note:  Asian and Euro checks will be held to avoid additional bank
                                   fees and participants will be asked to pay the full amount when
                                   registering at the program.

                                                  Mail pre-registration fee to either location:

                                                  Roni Pruitt                                 Judi Chow
                                                  101 Travertine Crossing            Block 33, 3B Laguna City
                                                  Lexington, SC                             Lam Tin, Kowloon
                                                  USA       29072                            Hong Kong

                                                  If you have questions please contact:  
Contact Us

                                                                            Catherine Butler at:  

                                                                                 Roni Pruitt at:
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