"A program that has refreshed and enabled me to serve...."

Single Vision Programs:

Dolphin Bay,Thailand     May 28 - June 3, 2017

Basel, Switzerland          June 17 - 25, 2017


Single Vision is a  Member Care  renewal  retreat
that   focuses on   ministering   to   the  Protestant
multi- national  missions  community  to enhance  
spiritual  growth,  cross-cultural  integration skills,
emotional health, physical exercise and  personal
connection with others.   

"Single Vision" is for those who  desire to..."

  • Rest and relax in a leisure environment
  • Spend some quality time in reflective worship
  • Build skills to enhance ministry effectiveness
  • Explore dynamics of cross-cultural living
  • Talk with a counselor about professional /
         personal development and growth
  • Meet others who serve single and share a
         global passion
Small Group Meetings to Discuss Ministry Life    
  •  Have a little fun in life

*  Serving all Protestant Mission Organizations
*  Conducting retreats  for over 15 years
*  E-mail us at:  singlevisionretreat@yahoo.com

Organizations that have been represented:
Pioneers,  TEAM,  Greater Europe Mission,
Food for the Hungary,  Frontiers, ELIC,  YWAM,
World Mission Ministries,  DMG,   Christar, ELI
Mission to the World,  ABWE,  CM&A,  Wycliffe,
World Witness, &  WEC to mention a few.   
Photo: Seminars to Sharpen Life & Ministry Skills
Single Vision

    Renewal Retreat    
          for single   
Cross-cultural workers

Programs in
Asia & Europe
                  Meet Our         
The First
                                                                    Member Care Program
                                                                             For Singles

Pictured Right to Left:  Karmen, Roni, Rosmarie & Catherine                                                           Pictured:   Tong Tong & Judi

Roni Pruitt Ph.D.,                                                  “A Passionate Visionary”
An instructor at Columbia International University Graduate School where she founded the first academic degree
program Member Care in North America.  A member of the faculty at the  "Akademie Fur Weltmission"  in Korntal,
Germany.  Roni has served for 15 years as a single servant with terms served in  China,  Hungary and  Germany.  
In Berlin she opened a private counseling practice serving the European  and  American  Member Care needs in
the region.  She is passionate about  singles and  resourcing single servants.

Karmen Fitch                                                       “Adventurous with a Spirit of Humility”
Has worked for 3 years at  "Camp of the Peaks"  in France with  Greater Europe Mission.  Karmen has 8 years
experience in camp ministry and has an extensive knowledge of outdoor sports. She serves others with a spirit
of humility and grace.  She will serve as the Program Activities Coordinator and lead us in outings that we have
waited for the opportunity to experience.

Judi Chow                                                            “An Encourager Who Walks in Faithfulness”
Has served in Hong Kong for 15 years as a single servant.  Born in Hong Kong, raised in America Judi brings a
special skill to  integrate  Western and  Eastern  cultures, as well as, her  linguistic  ability in the  Mandarin and
Cantonese  Chinese  language.  Her academic  training was completed at  DallasTheological Seminary  and at
Western University  in Counseling.  She is the co-founder of the  “Wecare Center”  in  Hong Kong.  Her chipper
spirit is always an encouragement to those around her.

Rosmarie Burkhalter                                          “Scout and Defender of Spiritual Paths”
Is from  Switzerland  where she was on staff with an international organization as a Member Care Provider and
part of the leadership team for the German branch office.  She is a trained  counselor and has a  heart to serve
the body.   Rosmarie  served as a  single  servant  in  India for 12 years  in a  new  work,  then  after a  interim
assignment returned to  India in 2006.  She is a  woman of  petitions  and  searches to  know  His  depth  daily
in her walk.

Catherine Butler                                                   "Joyful Expression of the Lord"
Serves  as  a  single  missionary  in Turin,  Italy  with  the  Association of Baptists for World Evangelism where
she has been a member of a church planting team for 10 years.  Catherine coordinates  conference  correspondence
and assists with program activities.  She keeps us all  laughing with her  energetic  smile and is always up for a  

Vicki Bagdasariang                                                "Consistently Faithful"
Was part of a church planting team in Italy with Bible Christian Union / TEAM for 12 years as a single missionary.  Later
she served on the staff of Freedom in Christ ministry for 10 years in Switzerland and currently coordinates a retreat for
women called  "Women's Day Out" in Europe.  She has demonstrated a positive model of what it means to serve with
consistency as a single missionary.

Amrei Wehmeyer                                                         "Diligent Servant"
Is from Germany. She has been serving in a church planting team in Portugal for more than 20 years with Bible
Christian Union and TEAM. Her passions are discipleship, counseling, and encouraging Christian leaders. Amrei holds
a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology. Currently she is establishing a Member Care Network in Portugal with
plans to establish a team to begin a Member Care Center. People in Portugal appreciate her for her ability to listen.

Photo: Staff are Trained Counselors & Private Sessions can be Requested